There are few things that can bring a smile to just about anyone but the VW Bus most definitely is one of them.

With the economic prosperity of the 50’s and riding on the success of the legendary VW Beetle, the people of the era found they needed a large all around reliable vehicle… from picking up and dropping off the family, to carrying the groceries, going to work and even the beach… the T1 was born! The cute van, affectionately nicknamed "Bulli" in Germany due to its unique appearance, is still talked about and loved worldwide today. The distinctive bi-color front with the large VW emblem has become a cult icon and is still recognized as representing peace, love, progress and freedom.

Explore our exciting products celebrating the VW Bus and Beetle. Come and be a part of the nostalgic spirit that the VW Collection by Brisa has started… from bags to coffee mugs, key rings to notebooks, picnic blankets to napkins… each item is an expression of pure joy that the VW embodies.

From the empty road to that beachy feeling, we send you good humor and a smile! VW Collection by Brisa

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